If you want to reach the LARGEST MARKET right here in Alaska, try reaching them on their phone. Smartphone users can view video practically anywhere.

The average TV viewer watches 2hr 27m/day , the average smart phone owner uses their phone 2hr 31m/day. Today 89% of Americans own a smart phone (Pew Research Center). Data revealed that last year Alaskans used their I-Phones more than any other state.

Do you want to reach this local audience ? Would you like to pay only for advertising that you knew for sure was being watched?

Now you can! Archipelago Webcasting covers local interest events like parades, sports, news events, and more. Look at our website for archived programming. We use multiple cameras and HD technology to produce engaging video for our viewers. Oh, and you pay for advertising only after the program airs and you know exactly how many people watched.

Our video production includes a high definition picture, multiple cameras and camera angles, instant replay, superior sound capture, and graphical overlays that add information to the production. What you see produced on TV we can produce for you at an affordable cost and get your event recorded or webcast it live to any audience you want. We can produce pay per view webcast of your event or webcast a private stream to your place of business. Sponsor a game and get a recording to play back at your place of business. We do post production editing to create programming.

If you are interested in webcasting your event happening somewhere in Southeast Alaska, contact us in Juneau Alaska. The webcast are produced using multiple cameras, with changing perspectives, and an emphasis on close up shots to capture people being people. If your business would like to sponsor a webcast, we can add graphics and advertisments and even upload the game to your website. Post game replays are often draw more total views than the live stream furthering the value of your investment. Your advertising will keep on paying off for you far into the future.

Our Rates:

$125 per game + 10 cents a  viewer

For single game any sport . A viewer is one person counted only one time now matter how many times they tune or out. You can have the live broadcast archived and available immediately after the game.

Ideas for Webcasting:

Political Events & Speeches. Get the word out and reach your constituency.

Alaskan Weddings. You can tell people you got married in Alaska but showing them is better. We can webcast too!

Sports team. Your team on the road? We can cover the game for you. If your eating establishment wants to sponsor exclusive coverage of the team, we can webcast in HD to a large screen TV for easy viewing. Hockey, soccer, softball, roller derby, boxing, baseball, football, basketball, ice skating. We can do pay-per-view too.

Coach's review tool.. We can record the game from 6 different angles and sync them together for playback that gives a coach a powerful game analysis tool.

Company Meetings. We can incorporate video and powerpoint presentations, multiple cameras, bring in outside feeds, and facilitate two-way communication.

Close Circuit. We can do pay per view and extend your audience beyond the event door.

Concerts. Webcast your band or ensemble using our high quality microphones and audio mixing board to get the sound right.

Plays. Capture using our multiple fixed cameras that keep the perspective interesting.

Training Classes. Need to train students in remote areas? We can record or/and webcast the training. Perhaps the trainers are spreadout in several locations and they all need to participate. We can take the class on the road.

Video for your Website. Need to put a spark plug in your website? We can charge it up with engaging video.

Your Own TV show. You have something to share or a story to tell? We can help you tell it. Family history needs telling? Make it a movie.

Archipelago Webcasting

227 Irwin Street, Juneau, AK 99801


larryj 'at' ArchipelagoWebcasting.com


“I have a lot to say after viewing the parade but to you I will just say, “BEAUTIFULLY DONE!”

-Jean Sztuk, Director 4th July Parade

“American Legion Baseball in Alaska hired Larry Johansen in July to provide live streaming our sixday, 15-game state tournament in Anchorage. He hit a home run. The games had a big league feel. With multiple cameras, on-screen graphics, commercials and a crowd mic, it felt like you were at Mulcahy Stadium.

-Van Williams, ALB Media Director

"Larry Johansen of Archipelago Webcasting and AlaskaSports.TV created and donated a highlight film that delighted the crowd"

-Robert Casperson, Juneau Douglas Crimson Bear Basketball Head Coach


Larry Johansen is the principal behind Archipelago Webcasting. He has worked professionally in both TV and radio production. At KATV he produced a 30 minute daily news broadcast. At KRBD he worked as an operations production technician while doing an occassional news broadcast. He has logged many hours on air producing radio programming.